Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Magic Show! 2018 Stillbrave Carnival Of Kindness Chantilly, VA

Northern Virginia Magician Zain!

Purple magician Zain face painting Nicole

Support Childhood Cancer Awareness At A Fun FREE Magical Event!

Come out & see the show while supporting childhood cancer awareness. Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation "Strength for the Strong" annual Carnival Of Kindness! May 19th, at the nZone Chantilly, VA. 
A free community event open to EVERYONE who is interested in promoting kindness.

With over 3,000 shows and counting, our team is highly experienced and professional. When reading Magic Of Zain reviews, you'll see why we are the area's leading stars of party magic. Do a quick search for "magicians near me" and you'll see that Zain is the famous headliner magician here in Northern Virginia. Our team of kids' party entertainers also travel nationally and regularly perform locally for kids' birthday parties. Zain started performing magic at age six when his mom had a magician for his birthday. Since then, he has performed for Capital One, Paramount, CARFAX, Hilton Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Coldwell Banker, and numerous charity fundraisers yearly. Zain's accomplished performances in the magical arts along with Nicole's fantastic face painting have created countless smiles everywhere. 
 #ChildCancer #Magician 🐰 #MagicShow#Stillbrave #MagicOfZain #event Learn more! https://www.magicofzain.com/contact/

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