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Magic Of Zain Kids Party Entertainment!

Don’t parents have enough to worry about these days?
Northern Virginia Kids Party Entertainment

Birthdays are transformed into unforgettable memories. 
Our stress-free children’s birthday party entertainment is the highest rated in the area! 
We will amaze the children and leave your guests super impressed. 

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tips On How To Plan A Kids Birthday Party [The Easy Way]

birthday party magician zain martel and nicole face painting

Would You Like To Know How To Plan 

A Kids Birthday Party Like A Pro?

We want this to be a successful kids party for you!


When it comes to planning children's birthday parties, there are some things that work and there are some that don't.
Hi, my name is Nicole! You can consider me your kids' party entertainment expert. Remember to subscribe to our blog so that we can send you more useful party planning tips!

Nice to meet you!

As a face painter and party planner for Zain the popular birthday party magician, I have literally organized thousands of children's birthday parties.
I have been doing it for 20 years.

I am here to share my experience with you and make your life a little bit easier. You are going to get so much useful information in these posts you will be breathing a sigh of relief.

This is totally DIY all the way 
(and not as expensive as you may think)

Planning a children's party is basically simple when you have gained some knowledge from tried and true methods that have not only worked for our clients but will also work for you.

Here's my honest disclosure and why:

I truly believe live entertainment is the best way to have an epic party.
Keep in mind that I will be promoting magic shows for children's birthday parties here and there. Just being up front.

I have found magic to be like no other children's party entertainment. Comedy Magic causes a talked about buzz among delighted kids' and families. A good children's entertainer can turn a birthday celebration into something absolutely spectacular.

Northern Virginia's Favorite Birthday Party Magician - Learn More!

performing magic tricks at kids party birthday magician Zain

We are here to help you create the best kids' party ever, let's get right to it!

If you are having a party for a toddler or even for older children, this party planning guide will help you organize a brilliant celebration that all of your guests will love. Here are a few simple kids party tips to help make your party planning as easy as can be.

What we offer is a recipe for the perfect party. It all begins at the beginning. . .

Martha Stewart says: 
"Birthday parties are like road trips: Getting there is half the fun. Deciding on the theme, decorations, and activities makes the days leading up to the event seem like part of the celebration itself."

So what is the best way to start planning a birthday party?

Get people involved!
If there are older siblings give them a responsibility. Family and friends are often surprisingly excited to help. If you have hired a professional kids party entertainment company, take advantage of their experience and willingness to make this a successful event. You can have more time to relax and enjoy the event.

If you have not already . . .

Set a budget!
This is the one critical step that many party planners forget to do from the very start. This will help you in making choices and to determine what type of birthday bash you plan to have.

Hire your entertainment.
If you are choosing a theme, decide. 

Set a budget.
Go shopping for supplies.

red tables balloons magicians performing at birthday party

Choose a location
The earlier the better on this one. Availability is not something you want to consider when your party is just days away. Book as early as you can because just like entertainers, the good ones go quick.

The really good party entertainers and venues go quick! Trust me I know.

Recreational centers are great, as well as Masonic lodges, party halls, and restaurants with enough space. Some of these are fairly priced and some of them can be absolutely ridiculous. This is why deciding on your budget first is very important. We find that house parties are super easy with a little kid proofing and organized party planning.

Having a party at home is a great idea!

If you're holding the party at your home, let me tell you why this is a good idea. Children often feel most comfortable in a family atmosphere. Strange places can often get a child's guard up and even cause them not to have fun. Make sure that there is nothing that children can get into or trip over. If you have any breakable items, it's probably a good idea to move those out of reach. If you have pets, it is recommended that you put them up as this can be stressful for them and also a distraction to your guests. If you cannot lock doors, a length of decorative ribbon can get the point across splendidly.


Order the birthday cake.
Make sure your camera is charged.
Select party favors.

Remember lighter, candles, cake knife. 

Childrens magician performing birthday party magic show in VA

It's all about the celebration!
Design your party around the interests and ages of the children. If this is a birthday party, make it special and customize the event around the birthday child's favorite movies, toys, and even colors. We highly recommend for you to get the child involved in preparation for his or her special day. Allowing your child to make creative decisions and brainstorm with you makes the party even that more special. If you are having a magic show they will already be excited!
Just saying. . .

Create a guest list.
Check off guests when they arrive.
Book a venue if you are having one.

Send out invites 3-4 weeks prior.

Face painters - magicians - balloon twisters!
Entertainment for a kids' party is a must have. There are two types of children's entertainers: Passive and Active. Passive entertainment is when the children get in a line and receive face painting, balloon animals, and photos (booths or other) to name a few. Check out our face painting balloon twisting, and workshop party entertainment packages here.

Bounce or not to bounce?

Party rentals may or may not interest ALL the kids. These are okay but may require supervision like with a bouncy house. Heads get banged and lawns can get ruined!

We recommend a combination of passive and active party entertainment.

Active children's entertainment is a party performer.
whether it's a puppet show or a professional children's magician, this adds a festive feel to your event. There is nothing that creates excitement and memories more than a talented party entertainer that gets everyone involved, laughing, and having a great time. Matching that with balloon twisting or face painting is a sure winner.

The Northern Virginia magician Zain has been performing magic shows at birthday parties for over a decade. He is not only famous locally, but is also recognized as one of the highest rated birthday party magicians in the world today.

If you would like to learn more about how a magician for a birthday party can take the excitement to the next level: Click:
Magic Of Zain Birthday Magician Page.

Face painter with child at birthday party

Food and beverages
Little πŸ… tigers get hungry. . .

Here's a great tip:
If you have two bathrooms, don't serve 2 gallons of lemonade. It will be a stop and go show!

There is quite a lot of information on food and drink ideas. You should always have something around for a snack attack and don't forget that adults may not want juice boxes. You can prepare something in advance or even have it ready to be warmed up. If you're working with a caterer or a bakery, get all of that squared away super early. Food allergies are serious and should be paid special attention when planning kids' parties.

Party decorations
Decorating for the special day not only sets the mood for a great party but also brings a festive feel.
When looking back at the memories, you'll be glad you did. Balloons and streamers can quickly change the entire scene of any room. If you are a DIY type of party planner, this can be a lot of fun to do yourself with a few helpers.
There are tons of ideas on Pinterest here.

Place food order, such as pizza.
Go grocery shopping for bottled water, snacks, and ice, etc.
Set up balloons, tables, streamers, etc.

Invitations and thank you notes.
Studies show that only 70% to 80% of invited guests show up to the party.

We suggest that you send out invitations weeks prior to the event. If you are thinking about how many guests you should invite to the party, consider the budget and the space available to use. When reserving in-demand entertainment, watch for party crashers.

"Hi, these are my son's classmate's sister's friends, can they get face paint and balloons"?

Whether it's a goodie bag, a special balloon from a twister, or a photo, we believe that you might want to consider including a parting gift. It really is the little touches that count.
Something under a dollar can really impress!

This is all fun and games, right?
Kids' party activities like a piΓ±ata or games can be fun as well. Ask your professional party entertainer for ideas and services they might offer. We offer magic tricks the kids can learn, games, and party characters. An experienced face painter or balloon twister combined with a magic show that knocks their socks off is a time-tested guarantee. Click here for the top balloon artists, face painters, and magicians near you and make it a magical event that will be remembered for a lifetime.

What about a craft table?
The key here is to choose a craft that your guests can make themselves using their own creativity and imaginations. There are tons of awesome craft ideas to make designs that follow simple instructions. Themed coloring books are also a great idea. You can even choose the ones that can be personalized by adding customized text on the covers (super unique party favors).

Thanks for reading all that! If any of these tips helped you please share it with a friend.
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I wish you the very best with your party planning!
Give us a call, I would be happy to chat all about it.

Magic of Zain

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Check out these excellent party tips! CLICK HERE
Zain: Master Magician 

Nicole: Booking/Admin.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Magic Show! 2018 Stillbrave Carnival Of Kindness Chantilly, VA

Northern Virginia Magician Zain!

Purple magician Zain face painting Nicole

Support Childhood Cancer Awareness At A Fun FREE Magical Event!

Come out & see the show while supporting childhood cancer awareness. Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation "Strength for the Strong" annual Carnival Of Kindness! May 19th, at the nZone Chantilly, VA. 
A free community event open to EVERYONE who is interested in promoting kindness.

With over 3,000 shows and counting, our team is highly experienced and professional. When reading Magic Of Zain reviews, you'll see why we are the area's leading stars of party magic. Do a quick search for "magicians near me" and you'll see that Zain is the famous headliner magician here in Northern Virginia. Our team of kids' party entertainers also travel nationally and regularly perform locally for kids' birthday parties. Zain started performing magic at age six when his mom had a magician for his birthday. Since then, he has performed for Capital One, Paramount, CARFAX, Hilton Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Coldwell Banker, and numerous charity fundraisers yearly. Zain's accomplished performances in the magical arts along with Nicole's fantastic face painting have created countless smiles everywhere. 
 #ChildCancer #Magician πŸ° #MagicShow#Stillbrave #MagicOfZain #event Learn more!

Northern VA Entertainer Zain Live & FREE! Loudoun County Events

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